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Portugal is famous protecting and celebrating their vast and exciting collection of indigenous grapes. A treasure trove of discovery (there are over 250 native grape varieties) this small country (you can fit Portugal in to B.C. ten times!) has staunchly kept the international interlopers like Cabernet, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc at bay. Vadio is a small family-run winery dedicated to showcasing three of the Bairrada region’s homegrown varieties to thrilling effect. Their venerable vineyards are planted to Bical, Sercial/Cerceal (and this is different from the Sercial of Madeira) and the excellently-named Baga grape. Minimalist farming and respectful, hands-off winemaking allows grapes and terroir full voice. Vadio loosely translates to ‘bon-vivant bum’ reminding us that the enjoyment of wine can be simple and carefree.

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