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Protected from cold northern winds by the Italian Alps and graced with the Mediterranean influence from Lake Garda, this is an exceptional microclimate of unparalleled richness, ripe for cultivating extraordinary wine varietals. This land has been the converging point of cultures from the North and South since the 18th century. A point of exchange and a key region in the wine industry for centuries, the region’s dynamic history is the inspiration for Tolloy’s modern viticultural philosophy. The international taste profile of Tolloy’s varietal wines is the ideal backdrop to showcase the singular characteristics that this microclimate lends to each wine.

The varied terrain and climate of the area allows a spectrum of varietals to find their ideal habitat in the hills and valleys. The international varietals that make up the Tolloy line exhibit distinctly concentrated bouquets that can only be found in the Italian Alps. These pleasing wines can be enjoyed as an aperitif or with International cuisine.

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