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Parra y Familia
  • Chile

As a young winemaker, Pedro Parra knew his dreams would be realized the second he laid his eyes on Barolo in Italy's Piemonte region. Parra wanted to create wines he would enjoy, and that meant tapping into the diverse terroir of Chile, just as the tradition was in Barolo. Ancient granitic soils provided enough range for growing, and his home near Bio Bio, Chile would prove to be more than adequate. Parra knew what naysayers were saying about the region’s growth potential, but his PhD in geology and winemaking education from Paris Centre of Agriculture told him otherwise. Inspired by the production of Galicia (Spain) and Morgon (in Beaujolais), two lesser known growing regions with granite terroir a long viticultural history, Parra sources Pedro Parra Y Familia’s grapes from the 200 million year old Schist and Granite soils of Southern Chile. The youngest vines are 30 years old, which means Parra is not only tapping into the terroir, he is also tapping into a winemaking heritage.

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Parra y Familia

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