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Masi Tupungato is a unique winery that bridges the gap between the Atlantic Ocean by harmoniously combining Italy and Argentina into a single wine producer. Masi, an Italian company with roots in Valpolicella dating back to 1772, specializes in Amarone. Masi took its strong winemaking heritage to Mendoza, bringing with it the eco-sustainable philosophy that has guided the winery’s production. Argentinean nature blends with Venetian techniques, leading to character and depth in Masi Tupungato’s fully certified organic wines. Post-harvest grape appassimento is a Masi specialty, and they apply this approach to Malbec, Torrontés, Corvina and Pinot Grigio plantings. Originality and versatility are hallmarks for Masi Tupungato, and the meeting of cultures is something truly unique in the wine world.

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