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M. Chapoutier
  • France

M. Chapoutier, situated in the historic Rhône region of France, is best known for its red and white Hermitage wines. This legacy started with Polydor Chapoutier, who started planting his vines on his newly bought vineyards in 1879. However, it was until the late 1980s that the winery started to receive international attention for its high quality production. M. Chapoutier sources wines from the northern and southern parts of Rhône, as well as Roussillon. The winery uses biodynamic farming techniques, and the winemakers’ yield to single-variety wines, which is a unique attribute. Wines are produced under four separate quality levels, each displaying an original touch. M. Chapoutier is known for many things, but the braille on its labelling is consistent for all the bottles produced, a policy which has been in place since 1996.

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