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Every Wine You Need for Easter Weekend

Easter meals tends to vary according to family tradition. Some opt for ham, while others consider Easter the third holiday of the Turkey Trifecta (Thanksgiving and Christmas being the first two). You’ll also find some individuals who swear by lamb at this time of year, and we would never dare to forget our vegetarian friends. Easter brunch is also a common feast due to its proximity to church services. No matter what’s on the menu for your Easter weekend, we’ve got the wine pairings you need.


A sparkling wine is a typical but effective choice for pairing with Sunday brunch. Sophora’s Sparkling Cuveé is a floral, rich, and luscious choice, and the bottle will look lovely on a decorated table. We also love the Old Vines Riesling Natural Brut from Tantalus - a unique and complex sparkling wine. Of course, if you want to take “brunch wine” to the next level, consider a rosé like this one from Baillie-Grohman. It’ll pair perfectly with a brunch favourite, like eggs Benedict.


If turkey’s your ticket, then there’s a Gamay and a Gewurztraminer for you. Haywire’s Gamay Noir features bright red fruit with gentle tannins, which pairs nicely with turkey. The Gewurztraminer from Bartier Bros. is another fair bet - the unusual refreshing quality of the vintage adds to its prowess. You can’t go wrong with a rosé either, like this one from TH Wines.


If you’re glazing your ham with sweet flavours, it’s a good idea to pair a wine with a bit of sweetness too. The Synchromesh Thorny Vines Riesling works well thanks to its honey notes and impeccably balanced finish. Another Riesling to consider comes from The View - it’s versatile, so it will work well with the ham as well as your various side dishes. Prefer a red? Try a Grenache like this Gaznata - it is light-bodied, but energetic and flavourful, and works perfectly with a Spanish cured ham.


The best pairing for your leg or rack of lamb is King Cab.The Wynns Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon has a hint of mint - making it a perfect pair for lamb. We also like TATE Wine’s Cab Sav with lamb - pour it into a decanter so it has time to breathe before drinking. The Reserva from Lopez de Haro is also a classic match - it’s a medium-weight stunner that’s perfect with lightly-flavoured lamb.


No meat dishes? No problem. A Pinot Gris is a fine match for your vegetarian dishes. This one from 50th Parallel pairs very nicely with veggie dishes and salads. For reds, we love this Undurraga Pinot Noir with vegetarian dishes. Its smoky, silky flavours work well with mushroom ragôut or anything with a tomato base - perhaps a nice ratatouille? This Bench 1775 Syrah works especially well with grilled vegetables - if the weather cooperates, why not fire up the BBQ? Spring has sprung - happy Easter!

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