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5 Reasons You Should Definitely Buy Wine Online

Did you know that you can buy wine online in British Columbia?

“Wait, is that legal?”


“Why don’t I know anyone that orders wine online?”

You probably do. And it’s likely because B.C. liquor laws were created before the internet was a reality - in fact, they were created even before colour TV.

“Why would I buy wine online when I can buy it in store instead?”

Many reasons. Read on.

1. Wine is heavy.

Sure, one bottle isn’t too bad. But toss in a second, third, or fourth, and suddenly you’re hauling 12 pounds of liquid onto the bus, down the street, around the corner, and up the stairs. Instead, you can buy wine online and have it appear at your door. Better, right?

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2. Shipping is free for orders over $200.

You may not normally spend $200 on a trip to your wine shop (or maybe you do!), but if you buy wine online in one larger order instead of multiple smaller orders, you will better use your time. Your purchase behaviour will become much more efficient in the long run, leaving you to focus on the fun things in life.

3. A refined selection means there are no wrong choices.

Not everyone is an expert on wine, and not everyone wants to be an expert on wine. But everyone that buys wine wants to buy good wine. That’s why we have renowned wine educator, sommelier, judge, and all-around pro DJ Kearney on our team, helping you buy wine online. Her expertise means every bottle is a great choice. Plus, she provides detailed tasting notes and food pairing suggestions for every bottle, so it’s easy to choose.

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4. Two day shipping means Wednesday orders arrive in time for the weekend.

Planning ahead seems hard, we know. (That’s why we suggest stocking your wine cupboard/closet/cellar with a collection of your favourite bottles.) Plus - if you’re located in the Lower Mainland, you’ll receive your order in two days when you buy wine online at (If you’re in interior B.C. or on Vancouver Island, expect a bit of extra delivery time.)

5. You already buy everything else online.

You’ve probably ordered Christmas gifts online. You’ve definitely ordered books online. Maybe coffee pods. You might even be the type that orders groceries for delivery, or orders dinner for delivery. (Mad respect if you have a pizza app on your phone.) So why not buy wine online? Good question.

At New District, our goal is to simplify the enjoyment of wine. We provide customers with quality, high-value wines that are vetted by an expert, offer a clear and simple ordering process, and deliver said wine to the customer’s doorstep. Buy wine online just once, and you’ll see what we mean. Shop and order now.


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