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Donkey & Goat
  • California

Tracey and Jared Brandt risked it all to get into the wine business. Leaving their careers in the tech industry, they travelled to France and were tutored by some of the best winemakers in natural winemaking. It was there they were enlightened on the benefits of organic and bio-dynamic farming, and were exposed to balanced and transparent expressions of such wines. Greatly inspired by his wines in the past, they convinced Eric Texier to let them do a stage at his winery working on all aspects of production from vineyard to Cellar. After toiling through the challenges of the rainy 2002 vintage in the Rhone, they returned to California in 2003 and set up shop in a friend’s garage, producing 5 barrels of wine from the 2003 vintage. Their dream is to farm their own grapes from interesting and diverse terroir in California and make them into a work of art.

So do they own a Donkey, or a Goat? Not exactly. The story comes from their time spent in France, where vineyards employed the help of Donkeys to manage the farm. Their diligent work horse nature is only hindered by their flighty sensibility and short attention span, so each donkey has a goat partner to keep them focused. After getting to know Tracey and Jared, their tutors finally understood why the pair worked so perfectly together: Jared is like the donkey, and Tracey is his goat! Together they make a diverse selection of exceptional, honour-worthy, natural wines.

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