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Our Rosé trio offers a world of discovery with wines from Nova Scotia, the South of France, and Pender Island, B.C.

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#RoséAllDay bottle

Go to the pink side! Rosé is the biggest global trend in wine, growing by double digits around the world. Why? Because wine lovers everywhere are (finally) realizing that Rosé offers unbeatable refreshment and variety. Unlike the sugary, simple blush wines of yesteryear, modern Rosés combine the crisp and thirst-quenching value of a white, with the grippy structure of a red.

Our Rosé trio offers a world of discovery: a classic dry and minerally Rosé from the South of France featuring old-vine Syrah, Grenache and Cinsault; an outstanding, refined bubbly from Nova Scotia made from the Champagne grapes; and a coveted, micro-production beauty from Sea Star on Pender Island. All three burst with glorious fruit, are dry, ultra-crisp, and just waiting for garden dinners of steamed mussels, crab cakes or spicy pork kebabs.

  • Pender Island
  • Nova Scotia
  • France

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