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Cave de Lugny
  • France

Cave de Lugny’s history starts in the 19th Century, back when its ancient vineyard showed initial promise. Between 1880 and 1887, a nasty spell of phylloxera destroyed a staggering 500 hectares of vines. Patient and painstaking reconstruction took place, revitalizing the land that is home to Cave de Lugny today. Cave de Lungy’s deep history is embedded in cooperation, which started in January 1927. A group of producers banded together to control their own destiny, taking the reigns and managing the chain from production to consumer. These producers created the second cooperative cellar in the region and, in doing so, offered freedom to its members. Qualitative improvements became the focus, and major mergers followed in 1966 and 1994, which propelled Cave de Lugny into the international market. Keeping pace with change, Cave de Lugny has moved to sustainable development in their production, proving that no matter how high your standards are, there is still a higher one to reach.

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