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In 1931, southern Rhône Valley wine pioneer Charles M. Brotte opened Brotte in Châteaneuf-du-Pape. Word of Brotte’s high quality production spread during the 1950s, propelling the winery to world renown acclaim. Today, the winery boasts distribution channels spanning five continents and 95 countries. Brotte’s winemakers carefully select grapes from suppliers in a process that accounts for more than half of the winery’s grapes used during production. Brotte has an array of french vintners it works alongside, sharing expertise and advice that proves indispensable in the industry’s growth. The winery boasts 60 hectares of land, spread across four properties - Domaine Barville, Château de Bard, Domaine Grosset and Domaine l’Aube. Since 1972, Brotte’s museum has served locals and international travellers with invaluable information about Rhône Valley’s storied wine history.

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